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Performed on clogged artery using MED FIVE

BYPASS CAROTID ARTERY - Performed on clogged artery using MED FIVE - FULL SYSTEM

Before the application of MED FIVE, the artery marked irregularity, which represents calcified plaque. "The Calcified Artery which had been Surgically removed from the Patient" was covered with a solution of Med Five, at the same concentration a person would have in their blood if they were taking MED FIVE as directed.

After 3 hours all the arterial plaque is GONE except for two small areas at the site of the two small arterial branches. Both sites are less than 1mm. The artery changed and became soft and flexible with a smooth clean surface.

MED FIVE is a process that is designed to be able to dissolve pathological calcification (often referred to as plaque by doctors) by liquefying and removing the plaque from every cell of our arteries, veins and vessels and at the same time revitalizing them. Med Five can kill the bacteria that spread from the mouth throughout the rest of the body, improve the biochemistry of the cells, and stimulate our immune system. Working with their physicians and, as an example, amongst a wide range of other results, some individuals have experienced a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure levels, allowing a decrease in the dosage of their prescription drugs. The reduction of metals and toxins from within the body and mouth have the potential to importantly impact a long list of diseases and illnesses, as more is learned every day about the use and applications of Med Five.

"Med Five was intentionally designed to help remove plaque from all of the cells of the body and mouth and increase blood flow to improve people's overall health and help solve specific, important health issues without surgery. Thus, Med Five is addressing one of the keys to the cause of many diseases and illnesses and overall health and how people feel and function from the time they are young children until old age on a comprehensive and regular daily basis. It's extremely easy to use "orally" and no more difficult or frequent than washing your hands and face or brushing teeth. However, it is intended to have a far greater and important impact on your general and specific health - whether you are sick or well - as it works inside of the body and mouth."

"There is a large amount of surgery of and other treatments, that are performed to remove plaque or reduce it's effect on people and a successful non - invasive technique has the potential to have an amazing effect on their health and well - being all around the world and their life expectancy. There is a potentially large reduction of the overall costs of medical care on an individual and general basis in the U. S. and around the World, depending on the extent that Med Five is successfully distributed and used, based on the potential wide ranging and diverse impact it is planned to have on people's health."

"There are potentially important effects on many illnesses and diseases, such as those of the heart, kidneys, circulation, calcified growths and deposits, skin, gums and mouth, circulation, diabetes, the effects of lead, mercury and other metals. We have found that Med Five has the potential to very meaningfully increase regular body and sexual functions and to help reduce the negative effects of smoking, caffeine and alcohol and improve the appearance of hair and skin. Every day we learn more about this new discovery and how it can contribute to people's health and life expectancy."

Click here for Audio Overview by James Roberts, MD FACC

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Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are under a physician's care or taking medication, consult your health professional before taking this product. If you are taking or intend to take other detoxification treatments while on MedFive, please discuss this with your physician first. You should take minerals and vitamins when using this product supplements and medications should be taken at least two hours apart from Step Two. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It is not necessary to take other detox programs while on Med Five.

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