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Evaluation by Dr. James Roberts - Information obtained by phone interview 10/01 with Mr. Henderson and Dr. Robertsí review of Kenís lab data. Ken gave us permission to share his story with you. We cannot say with certainty that the changes described below did not occur by chance. Just because Kenís lipid panel seems to have improved with the addition of Rejuvetate to pre-existing pharmacologic lipid lowering therapy, it doesnít mean that others will experience the same effect.

Crestor plus Med Five and Ken Hendersonís Lipid Panel
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Ken doesnít smoke, his blood pressure is normal, and so is his blood sugar. Ken minimizes red meat and takes in his share of fruits and vegetables - but his cholesterol is high - or at least it was. One year ago, Kenís doctor put him on Crestor, a statin lipid lowering agent, at a starting dose of 10 mg each day (the maximum dose is 40 mg/day Ė you start low and advance the dose as required). On Crestor, Kenís cholesterol fell from 258 to 172 mg/dl, with an LDL (bad cholesterol) of 105 mg/dl.

In persons free of known cardiovascular disease, our goal in lipid lowering therapy has been an LDL value of 100, and Ken was nearly there. Several recent studies, however, suggest that an LDL of 70 mg/dl might be the optimal target* An increased dose of Crestor would most certainly have lowered Kenís LDL to 70, but when we increase the dose of statin lipid lowering therapy, we also increase your risk for a treatment related side-effect, especially muscle inflammation and liver chemistry problems.

In early 2/05, Ken added Rejuvetate to his program, while continuing on Crestor at 10 mg. Ken continues to feel well, but from the perspective of Kenís lipid panel, itís been a down hill course. One month into the Crestor-Rejuvetate combination, there was no change in Kenís LDL and Cholesterol levels, actually they bumped up a bit, but Kenís Triglycerides decreased from 191 to 110. In mid-June, now 4 & Ĺ months on Crestor + Rejuvetate, Kenís Cholesterol had dropped markedly, to 139 mg/dl, and his Triglyceride level was down to 83 (Ken did not tighten his diet further or begin an exercise program between 1/31 and 6/14).

Statin drug therapy works rapidly, within a matter of weeks. Statins inhibit the enzymes that synthesize cholesterol in the liver, and you see the peak effect in four weeks. De-poisoning and stimulating the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport takes longer, but from the perspective of your long-term health, patience is a virtue. It is not surprising that it took some time for Crestor + Rejuvetate to show a benefit over Crestor drug therapy alone. Also, Kenís HDL fell, on face value not a desirable result, but we know that whenever the total and LDL Cholesterol values drop considerably, the HDL (good Cholesterol) value will inevitably decrease in tandem. Therefore we focus on the HDL%, the percentage of total Cholesterol made up of the good HDL, and here Crestor + Rejuvetate worked out well.

Kenneth Henderson Ė Analysis

We arenít anti-medicine or anti-drug therapy. We arenít anti-anything, but at Med Five we are pro dealing with all the causes of plaque buildup. Iím an invasive cardiologist and one half of my patients are on statin cholesterol lowering medications. Statins block the formation of cholesterol and have an anti-inflammatory effect, a double positive for my patients with high cholesterol and inflamed arteries. However, there are many other causes of high cholesterol, and many causes of vascular and degenerative disease in general, that the statins donít address Ė so we will - issues such as:

1. Reverse Cholesterol Transport Ė Phosphatidylcholine (PC) stimulates the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport, so we put PC in Rejuvetate.

2. Metal Detoxification Ė Lead, Cadmium, and especially Mercury will poison the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport (along with many other critical body functions). EDTA, Vitamin C, and DMSA help the body rid itself of these toxic metals, so we included them in Rejuvetate. We are not making health claims, but published, peer-reviewed studies (some written before I was born) ** tell us that oral EDTA will lower Cholesterol levels in humans Ė so we put EDTA in Rejuvetate Ė pretty simple.

3. Gum Disease Ė Yes, gum disease elevates your Cholesterol, and it leads to vascular inflammation and CRP elevation, so we go after this problem with Lysozyme in our mouth rinse.

4. Infection/Inflammation Ė Infection increases cholesterol Ė your body makes more of the stuff to neutralize bacterial toxins. Our response is to include Mushroom Polysaccharide Extracts in Rejuvetate, aiming to improve the function of your immune system.

OK, back to Kenís situation Ė you have Crestor providing an anti-inflammatory effect and blocking cholesterol formation and Rejuvetate depoisoning and stimulating the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport, while stimulating immune function to combat infection and inflammation in the mouth and elsewhere, and what do you get? You get a synergism and in Kenís case a drop in cholesterol to 130 mg/dl, with a Triglycerides of 83 and an HDL% of 33. This seems like a good idea to us, so we invite you to:

Synergize with Med Five

* This is still being worked out, but societies where heart disease is unheard of have LDL values in this range. A similar situation definitely exists for blood sugar. While the ďnormal limitĒ for fasting blood sugar is up to 110 mg/dl, and our medical treatment goal is a sugar around 100, we know with certainty that individuals with sugars in the 70-80 range are at much lower cardiovascular risk than are individuals with sugars in the 90-110 range.

** Perry, HM., Depression of Cholesterol Levels in Human Plasma following Ethylenediamine Tetracetate and Hydralazine. Journal of Chronic Diseases 2:520-533, 1955

Schroeder, Henry A., A Practical Method for the Reduction of Plasma Cholesterol in Humans. Journal of Chronic Diseases 4:46468, Nov., 1956.

James C. Roberts MD FACC 10/07/05

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Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are under a physician's care or taking medication, consult your health professional before taking this product. If you are taking or intend to take other detoxification treatments while on MedFive, please discuss this with your physician first. You should take minerals and vitamins when using this product Ė supplements and medications should be taken at least two hours apart from Step Two. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It is not necessary to take other detox programs while on Med Five.

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