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Our daily health protocol includes washing our face, hands and body to combat bacteria and germs. We brush our teeth, rinse and floss to combat bacteria and germs and help prevent the build up of plaque. With this breakthrough, this daily regiment for maintaining health should include using Med Five to dissolve the plaque and may renew the cells throughout the body and in the mouth in the same way. All of us are threatened by our toxic environment and the constant build up of plaque in our bodies resulting from the air we breathe, the food we eat, the lifestyles we choose and the DNA we inherit.

Med Five may actively and safely fights the causes of many diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and circulation problems just to name a few. As the ingredients are absorbed and delivered into the blood stream, all 50,000 miles of our blood vessels and veins in our system are experiencing this daily cleanse. All trillion cells in our body are renewed with other key ingredients.


The Med Five System contains ingredients listed here and other proprietary ingredients in our patented formula. Med Five is unmatched in its ability that may dissolve plaque from the body safely and effectively. We spent years in research and development to delivery a product the world needed. While everybody does daily hygiene to be clean and healthy on the OUTSIDE of the body, MED FIVE is designed to help keep the INSIDE of the body clean and healthy by dissolving plaque and helping to remove toxins.

CLEAN LIFE -- Mouth rinse additive

Clean Life is a product that can be used for optimal oral health.

If you want to predict your future health with heart disease, diabetes and reduced longevity, pay attention to what is happening in your mouth. The American Dental Association and the American Heart Association agree that there is a link betweek periodontal diseases and cardiovasular disease. The bacteria found in diseased gums are also found in diseased arteries. Our mouth rinse additive is designed to help the immune system quell inflammation and eliminate pathologic bad bacteria at the point of entry -- the mouth. Take aim at gum disease. Deal with a condition that exposes your body to chronic infection and inflammation, a condition now known to be associated with an increased risk of heart disease and premature death.

Gum disease plays an active role in cardiovascular disease. The bacterial infection involved in gum disease produces local and general inflammation. Gum disease is predictive of an increased cardiovascular event rate. Thus, one of the reasons that our patients are demonstrating plaque regression by ultrasound is likely because we are cleaning up infection in the mouth.

How does research link periodontal bacteria to other disease states? Research shows that the bacteria involved in periodontal disease pass though saliva. These same pathologic bacteria enter the blood stream and travel to major organs and begin new infections. Research is suggesting that this may:

  • Contribute to the development of heart disease, the nation's leading cause of death.
  • Increase a woman's risk of having a preterm, low birth weigh baby.
  • Pregnant women with gum disease are seven times more likely to deliver preterm, low birth weight babies.
  • Pose a serious threat to people whose health is compromised by diabetes, respiratory diseases, or osteoporosis
  • Pose an additional risk for tobacco users

DEFEND LIFE -- Targeted delivery Detox tablet

May eliminate environmental toxins and poisons. This enteric-coated tablet may help clear toxic metals ( Lead , Cadmium, and Mercury ) from your cells, "depoisoning" enzyme systems that have been deactivated by these toxic metals (including the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport).

Why Detox and Eliminate?
Contamination of water, air, and food by numerous chemicals and non-essential elements is part and parcel of life in our complex, industrialized world. The accumulation of these toxins in your body poses a significant health risk. A number of symptoms and disease states have been linked to low-grade but chronic toxic metal exposure. Body burdens of Mercury, Lead, and Cadmium are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and kidney disease. We could go on and on here - it's best to remove this stuff from our bodies.

What do you mean when you say the new "Targeted Delivery" approach?
Because oral EDTA is poorly absorbed (only 2 – 4 % of an ingested dose getting into the blood stream) we wanted our tablet to be “targeted” to dissolve in the small intestine. This will allow maximum absorption into the blood stream where it is needed to break down the plaque and take out the toxins. Our patented enteric coated tablet accomplished this by passing through the stomach and staying whole until it reached the target area – the small intestine.

  • Achieve steady state delivery and constant blood levels.
  • Avoid excessive destruction of the active agent by the liver.
  • Smooth out blood levels for low dose drugs.
  • Smooth out blood levels for drugs that have short half-lives.
  • Pose an additional risk for tobacco users

This supplement is safe, easy to take, and effective, and is designed to dissolve plaque and help eliminate environmental toxins and poisons, atom by atom, molecule by molecule. Defend Life is the first oral detoxification preparation to use these ingredients and our patented targeted delivery system in combination.


Renew Life contains a combination of Phospholipids and Phosphatidylcholine to rejuvenate the barrier membrane surrounding your cells and replenish components lost in the aging process. Lipoic Acid offers antioxidant protection within cells and within the circulation.

The Cell Membrane is composed of fatty acids, phospholipids, cholesterol, and proteins. If the fatty acids in the cell membranes are predominately unsaturated, the cell membrane will be elastic and permeable. However, if your diet is rich in saturated or trans-fats, your cell membrane will be stiff and the cell will have trouble exchanging nutrients for wastes.

There are thousands of articles on Cell Membrane Health and the benefits of essential phospholipids and more precisely, the benefits of Phosphatidylcholine (PC). Our body is capable on manufacturing PC but as we age, we simple do not make enough. By adding this back into our diet through the Med Five System we are able to renew our cells. PC will actually improve and protect cell membranes damaged by free-radicals (see Free Radical article), in the blood vessels, heart, lungs, pancreas, and brain. PC is a necessary co-factor in the process of Reverse Cholesterol Transport (transporting cholesterol out of the artery and back to the liver for elimination. (see Cholesterol Transport article). Here are a few other benefits from PC:

  • May help improve heart function, blood flow and circulation
  • May help transport fat consumed in the diet through the blood to tissues that require fat. (without adequate PC, fat and cholesterol build up and accumulate in the liver.
  • May helpimprove functions of liver, kidney and pancreas
  • May help improve memory
  • May help boost immunity
  • May helpimprove libido

Med Five contains Phosphatidylcholine (PC), and of course we recommend that you minimize saturated fats, avoid trans-fats, and enjoy unprocessed vegetable, flax, and fish oils. We want you to have a Healthy Cell Membrane.

Why is Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) so important?
We also have Alpha-Lipoic Acid in Renew Life. ALA can regenerate other antioxidants if they are in short supply, it has the ability to remove toxic metals, and it has a unique efficacy in diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. ALA is as close as Mother Nature could come to an Ideal Antioxidant because it in the circulation, the cell membrane, and within the cell. ALA is so important that it gets in own article – see Lipoic Acid article.

Why do our cells need this?
The combination of Phosphatidyl Choline and Alpha Lipoic Acid will help the body to remove toxic deposits, squelch free radicals, emulsify and dissolve lipids (fat), and repair damaged cell and intracellular membranes.


Why it all works together?
Clean Life is designed to prevent microbial and toxic invaders from using the mouth as a portal of entry. Defend Life clears toxic metals from your cells. Renew Life repairs the cell membrane and bolsters the antioxidant defenses of the circulation, the cell membrane, and of the cell fluid. These three components may improve the biochemical environment of the body and at a cellular level throughout the body and in the mouth and may help to prevent disease associated with the decline of cellular and immune system health that occurs with aging.

Do your components work synergistically?
Yes, our formulas compliment each other and each component works better within the system than if taken alone. For example, Vitamin C is in our product and taken alone serves as a beneficial antioxidant and helps clear lead from your system. We included Vitamin C to enhance absorption of the Med Five.

How do I determine if I need Med Five?
Gum disease is a clear indication of other diseases as discussed in the Clean Life Section above. A patient can also get a non-invasive and painless ct heart scan or ebt heart scan. To find a clinic in your area go to the internet and use the key word heart scan. For the best evaluation on how the Med Five product is working, have this scan done before you start Med Five and a repeat of this test done 4 - 6 months later.

What about taking other supplements?
MED FIVE can be taken along with your other supplements.

What about taking my medications?
The components of Med Five in the doses employed, should not interfere with any of your prescription medications, but if concern arises, please check with your doctor.

How long do I stay on Med Five?
If you have plaque as evidenced through a CT heart scan, you need to stay on the system for a minimum of 4 to 6 months and then repeat this test. Depending on your health requirements, you may want to consider continuing on the program indefinitely or you may want to go on a maintenance program taking the product only once a day.

Just as you need to brush your teeth, you will need to Clean your mouth with the mouthwash daily to fight off invading microbials. You need to Defend your body by dissolving the plaque and safely removing the toxins, poisons, and microbials that you have accumulated. You need to Renew the critical components of the cell membrane that otherwise diminish with age, and, you need to Protect your immune system by keeping it in proper balance. In summary, to stay healthy you need to stay on the system. Your only alternative is more drugs and surgeries to deal with the consequences of the problems we seek to eliminate.

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Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are under a physician's care or taking medication, consult your health professional before taking this product. If you are taking or intend to take other detoxification treatments while on MedFive, please discuss this with your physician first. You should take minerals and vitamins when using this product – supplements and medications should be taken at least two hours apart from Step Two. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It is not necessary to take other detox programs while on Med Five.

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