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EDTA (Ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid) complexes toxic metals and safely clears these toxins, atom by atom, out of your body and into the urine and feces. This is the same EDTA that we use in our Clean Life mouth rinse. Defend Life will deliver EDTA into the blood stream, allowing the EDTA to circulate throughout the body. Clean Life and Defend Life are designed to eliminate toxins that come from the environment we live in --- they are in the air, water, and food we consume. The toxins that we are talking about include Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury; these are termed technically as transitional elements, and they are highly reactive and bind to and inactivate intracellular structures in a nearly irreversible fashion. While some metal elements are beneficial, and actually essential for life (i.e. Calcium and Magnesium), these transitional metals are toxic; they have no normal role in our physiology and are pure poisons. EDTA works similarly to a biological catalyst (enzyme) that helps the body clear out toxic metals. EDTA binds tightly to these toxic transitional metals, and then the toxic metal-EDTA complex exits the body through the urine or feces. For every EDTA that gets in, one atom of a metal goes out.

The FDA approved the use of EDTA over 50 years ago as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of lead and other heavy metal poisoning or exposure. FDA has also approved EDTA as a food additive that is GRAS (generally recognized as safe). Its stable antioxidant capacity makes EDTA an ideal food additive to prevent spoilage (Go to your refrigerator and read the food labels here you will see EDTA). The idea behind Clean Life and Defend Life is to utilize the antioxidant capacity of EDTA to prevent spoilage of you and your biochemistry.

Several studies have demonstrated a cholesterol lowering effect of EDTA, when taken orally in the 2,000 mg/day range. Now, why should EDTA, an agent that dissolves toxic metal from the body, have a cholesterol lowering effect? Well, the activity of Lecithin Cholesterol Acyl Transferase, the key enzyme of reverse cholesterol transport (more on this in the Cholesterol Transport section), is blocked by heavy metals such as Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury. Thus by removing heavy metals from the body, metal binding agents like EDTA can have a cholesterol lowering effect. Unlike prescription drugs that inactivate (actually poison) the enzyme systems in the liver that manufacture cholesterol, heavy metal binding agents such as EDTA and DMSA act to de-poison the enzymes of reverse cholesterol transport, the enzyme systems that Mother Nature gave you to prevent cellular cholesterol overload, the enzyme systems that Mother Nature gave you to keep your arteries clean. As Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury overload are endemic in our society, its a safe bet that your reverse cholesterol transport system is not working up to snuff (Our kids eat junk while we watch our diet, but whose cholesterol is lower? Were taking in less and less cholesterol so why is the national cholesterol level rising?). Its not the quantity of dietary cholesterol thats the key culprit, but rather our increasing toxic metal burden, which wipes out our ability to clear unused or excess cholesterol from the body. My personal patients with advanced cardiovascular disease may need cholesterol lowering drugs, but in many we can get the job done by removing toxic metals (allowing the cholesterol removal enzyme systems to work normally) and supplementing with Phosphatidylcholine (stimulates the activity of these enzymes systems). Also, lowering cholesterol with drugs may lead to side effects; lowering cholesterol by depoisoning the body can only lead to side benefits. Rejuvetate Life is designed to keep you from ever needing to be a cardiology patient. Why not depoison and stimulate your reverse cholesterol transport system, well before your body even begins to think about forming an arterial blockage?

Oral EDTA is poorly absorbed into the circulation. First, some of the EDTA can be inactivated by stomach acid (weve tried to circumvent this problem with our Targeted Delivery System). Second, only a small amount of the EDTA that reaches the intestine is actually absorbed (absorption studies of radiolabelled oral EDTA describe 2-5% absorption). The EDTA that is absorbed enters the circulation, binds to toxic metals in the blood, and then the toxic metal-EDTA complex is promptly cleared by the kidney. The EDTA does not remain in your body. The 2-5% of EDTA that is absorbed will help remove toxic metals from your cells, but its the 95-98% of the EDTA that reaches the intestines and is not absorbed that is the key; it is this gut confined EDTA that is blocking the re-uptake of toxic metals from the gut back into the circulation (Enterohepatic Recirculation).

Our body was not designed to deal with toxic heavy metals such as Lead, but we do have an innate detoxification system, designed to eliminate or neutralize any toxins that primitive man might encounter in his environment or in his diet. The liver will thus make an attempt to clear toxic metals. The liver can filter a toxic metal, such as Lead, from the circulation, or from the material absorbed from the intestines, and then bind the metal to a toxin clearing and transport molecule such as Glutathione. The toxic metal-Glutathione complex then drains from the liver into the intestine in the form of bile, to be excreted in the feces 2 days later (Glutathione is an antioxidant critical to cellular function the Glutathione that is lost in the process of Toxic Metal Detoxification is lost forever so in removing toxic metals from the body naturally we pay a heavy metabolic price).

Now, if you evacuate your bowels on a regular basis, the transit time for the Glutathione-toxic metal complex in your intestines will be brief, probably less than 24 hours, and here the detoxification process will proceed smoothly, as Mother Nature planned. However, if your GI tract is sluggish, then the Glutathione-toxic metal complex will be retained in the gut for days, far longer than Mother Nature had planned for. The chemical bond between Glutathione and the heavy metal is strong, but its not unbreakable. The longer the Glutathione-heavy metal complex must reside in the gut, the greater is the likelihood that the bond will break, allowing the now free toxic metal to pass back through the wall of the intestines into the circulation, and from there back into any cell of your body. This is why it is important to take in plenty of fiber and water and to move your bowels on a regular basis. This is why it is important to have metal binding agents like EDTA and DMSA in your GI tract at all times. Remember, much of the EDTA contained in Defend Life will not be absorbed; it will remain in the gut, and as the Glutathione-toxic metal bond of a liver-cleared toxic metal breaks, then this EDTA will be right there to bind the toxic metal back up. The toxic metal will not be absorbed into the blood stream; rather the toxic metal-EDTA complex will leave the body in the feces. Blocking enterohepatic recycling of heavy metals is the chief mechanism by which orally administered metal binding agents such as EDTA remove toxic metals from your body; they work hand-in-hand with Mother Nature, always an intelligent thing to do. We think that taking the Med Fiveis a very intelligent thing to do.

James C. Roberts MD FACC for Med Five Inc. Last updated 1/1/04..

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Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. If you are under a physician's care or taking medication, consult your health professional before taking this product. If you are taking or intend to take other detoxification treatments while on MedFive, please discuss this with your physician first. You should take minerals and vitamins when using this product supplements and medications should be taken at least two hours apart from Step Two. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

It is not necessary to take other detox programs while on Med Five.

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